• PCD2.M4x60

  • Central processing units

The freely programmable PCD2.M4x60 controller is based on a flat, space-saving housing design that has been used successfully for many years in OEM and project business.
It has four freely assignable slots for input/output modules and can be extended for up to 1,024 data points.
It has sufficient processor power and a 2 MB user program memory to ensure to handle demanding communication tasks with up to 14 interfaces.
Operating data is saved by non-volatile FRAM technology to ensure maintenance-free (no battery) operation.


System Catalogue : PCD2

Extract 26-215_A0140 System Catalogue : PCD2

Automation Stations - PCD2

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GER18c .pdf 2.99 MB Download
ITA18c .pdf 3.00 MB Download


Flyer PP31-048 PCD2.M4x60

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DUT01 .pdf 1.63 MB Download

PCD2.M4160, PCD2.M4560

Manual 27-648 PCD2.M4160, PCD2.M4560

Base unit with 4 slots for I/O modules

ENG06 .pdf 5.09 MB Download
FRA06 .pdf 5.14 MB Download
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PCD2.C1000 Extension module holder for 4 I/O mod.

Datasheet 31-531 PCD2.C1000 Extension module holder for 4 I/O mod.

PCD2.C1000 Expansion module holder with 4 I/O slots

Extension housing with 4 I/O module sockets and 24 VDC power supply for PCD2.M4560 and PCD2.M5540

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SPA01 .pdf 1.64 MB Download


Manual 27-600 IO-Modules

I/O modules for the series PCD1 | PCD2 and PCD3

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Systemcable and adapter

Manual 26-792 Systemcable and adapter

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GER07 .pdf 3.44 MB Download
ITA07 .pdf 3.46 MB Download

PCD2.F2xxx - serial interface modules

Manual 27-649 PCD2.F2xxx - serial interface modules

Physical interfaces for specific protocols

ENG02 .pdf 3.04 MB Download
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GER02 .pdf 2.93 MB Download
ITA02 .pdf 2.97 MB Download

File System and FTP Server

Manual 26-855 File System and FTP Server

ENG08 .pdf 2.25 MB Download
IT07 .pdf 3.35 MB Download

TCP/IP - Ethernet for the Saia PCD® Serie

Manual 26-776 TCP/IP - Ethernet for the Saia PCD® Serie

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IT03 Archive .pdf 4.43 MB Download


Manual 26-867 TCP/IP-Enhancements

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GER05 .pdf 3.51 MB Download

App notes incl. examples PPP, DHCP, DNS and SNTP

Info Application Notes App notes incl. examples PPP, DHCP, DNS and SNTP

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Leaflet: PCD2.M4x6x

Readme 35-008 Leaflet: PCD2.M4x6x

Saia PCD2.M4x6x controller

ENG02 .pdf 0.10 MB Download

Leaflet: PCD2.C1000

Readme 35-006 Leaflet: PCD2.C1000

Saia PCD2.C1000 extension module holder

ENG04 .pdf 0.16 MB Download

Leaflet: PCD2.C2000

Readme 35-007 Leaflet: PCD2.C2000

Saia PCD2.C2000 extension module holder with internal power supply

ENG08 .pdf 0.17 MB Download

Firmware used in production

The actual COSinus FW is available from the COSinus firmware page.

Good to know

  • PCD2.M4x60 with hardware version A and B dosen't support the use of analog/ISDN or GSM modems.To use modems on a PCD2.M4x60 it's necessary that the PCD2.M4x60 have a least a hardware version C and the FW 1.26.15, see FAQ 101986
  • To support the PCD7.W600 it's also necessary to use the hardware C or newer of the PCD2.M4x60.



PCD2 / M4x60

  • On a PCD2.M4560 or PCD3.W5560, why the measured PT100 temperature values are not correct if the PT100 sensors are connected to PCD2.W220Z18 or PCD3.W220Z18 modules? (FAQ #102052)
  • Why on a PCD3.M5/6xxx or a PCD2.M45xx the battery LED is switched on and the battery error message is activated in the application program after a new battery was inserted? (FAQ #102039)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.28.11 and FW 1.28.37? (FAQ #102010)
  • It’s possible to use the ‘old’ PCD7.F1xx module (not the PCD7.F1xxS) on PCD1.M2 and PCD2.M4x60 CPU’s? (FAQ #102005)
  • It’s possible to use the PCD7.W600 analogue input module on a PCD2.M4x60? (FAQ #101993)
  • Why the PCD7.W600 analogue input module doesn’t work on a PCD2.M4x60? (FAQ #101992)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.24.67 and FW 1.26.31? (FAQ #101987)
  • Why it’s not possible to communicate with a modem which is connected to a PCD2.M4x60? (FAQ #101986)

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.