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BACnet Building Controller

Flyer PP26-442 BACnet Building Controller



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System Catalogue : LonWorks Networks

Extract PP26-215_B0262 System Catalogue : LonWorks Networks

LonWorks® The building automation system field bus

ENG16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download
FRA16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download
GER16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download
ITA16 Archive .pdf 0.50 MB Download

System Catalogue : EnOcean

Extract 26-215_B0264 System Catalogue : EnOcean


Communication driver for wireless sensors and actuators

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Q.NET-5TX - Ethernet-Switch with 5 Ports

Flyer PP26-472 Q.NET-5TX - Ethernet-Switch with 5 Ports

Build economical, industrial Ethernet networks with both linear and star structures

ENG06 Archive .pdf 0.59 MB Download
FRA06 Archive .pdf 0.59 MB Download
GER06 Archive .pdf 0.59 MB Download
ITA06 Archive .pdf 0.59 MB Download

PCD7.T161 & PCD7.T162 - Terminator-Box

Datasheet PP26-538 PCD7.T161 & PCD7.T162 - Terminator-Box



ENG07 .pdf 0.48 MB Download
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Technical Informations (TI's)

Advices to connect the PCD's to the Internet

Technical Info 30-002 Advices to connect the PCD's to the Internet

DE04 .pdf 2.10 MB Download
EN04 .pdf 1.78 MB Download
FR04 .pdf 0.99 MB Download
IT04 .pdf 4.88 MB Download


Manual SBC-SBus

Manual 26-739 Manual SBC-SBus



DE04 Archive .pdf 1.54 MB Download
EN04 Archive .pdf 1.57 MB Download
FR04 Archive .pdf 1.68 MB Download
IT02 Archive .pdf 1.77 MB Download

Installation Components for RS-485 networks

Manual 26-740 Installation Components for RS-485 networks

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IT06 .pdf 3.20 MB Download


Manual 26-867 TCP/IP-Enhancements

ENG05 .pdf 3.55 MB Download
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GER05 .pdf 3.51 MB Download

BACnet Communication with the Saia PCD3 Automation Station

Manual 26-849 BACnet Communication with the Saia PCD3 Automation Station

EN03 .pdf 4.17 MB Download

BACnet, Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)

Manual 26-848 BACnet, Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)

< Rev. 14 .pdf 0.32 MB Download
Rev. 14 .pdf 0.48 MB Download

Profibus FMS

Manual 26-742 Profibus FMS

DE01 Archive .pdf 0.98 MB Download
EN01 Archive .pdf 0.95 MB Download
FR01 Archive .pdf 0.97 MB Download

Profibus DP (old)

Manual 26-765 Profibus DP (old)



DE01 Archive .pdf 2.95 MB Download
EN01 Archive .pdf 3.24 MB Download
FR01 Archive .pdf 3.38 MB Download
IT01 Archive .pdf 3.33 MB Download

Profi-S-Link adapter PCD8.K120

Manual 26-834 Profi-S-Link adapter PCD8.K120

EN03 .pdf 1.77 MB Download
CS2 Archive .pdf 1.45 MB Download

LonWorks® Networks with Saia PCD

Manual 26-767 LonWorks® Networks with Saia PCD

ENG05 .pdf 6.68 MB Download
FRA05 .pdf 6.58 MB Download
GER05 .pdf 6.73 MB Download


Manual 26-771 PCD2.T8xx



DE03 Archive .pdf 1.66 MB Download
EN03 Archive .pdf 1.95 MB Download
FR03 Archive .pdf 2.00 MB Download

Modbus User Interface Document

Manual 26-866 Modbus User Interface Document

ENG04 .pdf 1.59 MB Download
FRA04 .pdf 1.41 MB Download
GER04 .pdf 1.46 MB Download

SNMP function of Saia PCD®

Manual 27-639 SNMP function of Saia PCD®

SNMP function of Saia PCD®

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FRA03 .pdf 3.63 MB Download
GER03 .pdf 3.63 MB Download
ITA03 .pdf 3.62 MB Download

The manuals of the PCA Series can be found in the PCA section of this site.


  • It's possible to connect SBC PCD's directly to the internet? (FAQ #102060)
  • Are SBC devices affected by the zero-day vulnerabilities ‘Ripple20’, related to the low-level TCP/IP software library developed by Treck, Inc.? (FAQ #102036)
  • Why it is not possible to establish a connection to the VNC Server in case the application “BeVNC” is started on the PCD7.D5xxxWTA010? (FAQ #102003)
  • Why it is not possible to ping a PCD7.D5xxxWTA010 from a remote device using the IP-Address of the panel? (FAQ #102002)
  • Why the Modbus communication over Ethernet between a Saia PCD and a Siemens S7-314C-2 does not work correctly? (FAQ #101973)
  • CallSMS FBox with Error 535 (FAQ #101972)
  • How I can send an email with variable attachment? (FAQ #101966)
  • It's possible to connect a Ethernet Port of a PCD directly to Power over Ethernet (PoE)? (FAQ #101847)
  • The MPI communication does not work on the classic PCD. (FAQ #101689)
  • Is it possible to define a minimum delay between two Modbus requests? (FAQ #101423)
  • Why does the FBox "SASI S-Bus Extended" not work (for assigning a gateway master port)? (FAQ #101399)
  • Why is the "S-Bus Master IP" FBox LED red after some time? (FAQ #101286)
  • What is C-Bus and is it possible to use C-Bus on the SBC PLCs? (FAQ #101114)
  • On which systems is the Mode D (still) supported? (FAQ #101025)
  • The card PCD3.F281 does not work correctly with the library Belimo 2.5.300. (FAQ #100953)
  • Can the ethernet switch Q.Net-5TX be used to refresh the signal? (FAQ #100922)
  • Why can't I even PING my computer? (FAQ #100846)
  • Problem with LON communication and "Alias" support (PCD7.F800 / F802) (FAQ #100531)
  • Why is the Profi S-Link cable not working on the PCD3 / PCD2.M480? (FAQ #100460)
  • Does M-Bus need a Full RS 232 interface? (FAQ #100416)
  • Is it possible sending EMails with a PCD? (FAQ #100400)
  • Repeater PCD7.T100 (FAQ #100311)
  • How to use an oscilloscope to debug RS 485 networks (oscilloscope screenshots) (FAQ #100297)
  • Analyzing S-Bus communication of PG5 by using Tracewin (FAQ #100268)
  • Is a driver for SBC S-Bus available? (FAQ #100179)
  • Overview about the communication possibilities of the Saia PCD® (FAQ #100139)

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