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Brochure 53-002 DALI-LightingSystems

Addressable lighting control
Making light work of DALI addressability

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Info 32345911-001 DLS_DALI64-Lighting-Control-System

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Datasheet D6030 DALI64_DLS_DALI-Lighting-Control-System

The DALI64 lighting control system is a fully featured standalone DALI lighting control system embedded into a state of the art PIR. DALI64 can seamlessly integrate with an SBC BEMS systems with a simple 2 wire Sylk/Wallbus connection or operate as a standalone DALI addressable system.

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DLS-DALI Lighting Control System

Datasheet D2023 DLS-DALI Lighting Control System

The DALI64 lighting control system is a fully featured standalone DALI lighting control system embedded into a state of the art PIR.

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DALI scene plates

Datasheet D2025 DALI scene plates

DLS-DALI TouchPlates are addressable six button touch plates for scene recall for use with DALI64 sensors to enable a variety of lighting tasks

Order codes:
28001987 Multi – 3 scenes, dim up/ down, broadcast toggle – recall max/off
28001989 Select – 6 scenes, activate/deactivate

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BLE Bluetooth Switch for DALI64

Datasheet D2026 BLE Bluetooth Switch for DALI64

BLE Bluetooth Switches enable wireless control of lighting connected to any DALI64 sensor

Order codes:
00030366 Bluetooth wireless single switch
00030666 Bluetooth wireless double switch

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Datasheet D6032 DLS4IM_DALI-InterfaceModule

DLS4IM DALI Interface Module is a DALI control module with four general purpose inputs for push-button switches and potentiometers. Each input can be configured for digital or analogue input signals.

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Datasheet D6033 DALI PS2 DALI PSU

The DALI PS2 DALI PSU is a DALI power supply for use with a DLS-DALI Lighting Control System.

Order codes:
DALIPS2 DALI power supply

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DLS4IM DALI-Interface-Module

Info 32348812-001 DLS4IM DALI-Interface-Module

Installation Instructions
The DALI IM is a compact DALI device with 4 general purpose inputs.

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QCUB - remote Infrared operation unit

Info 50094273-001 QCUB - remote Infrared operation unit

DLS remote Infrared operation unit for use with DALI64

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