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  • What information is needed by the support team in order to provide efficient support? (FAQ #101521)
  • What do I have to do to be able to send E-Mails to the SMTP Server ? (FAQ #101020)
  • Which abonnoment is recommended for the SIM cards used for PCD applications in the GSM modem (just for Switzerland)? (FAQ #100492)

Local FAQ Deutschland / Français

Local FAQ Deutschland / Deutsch

  • Welche Informationen benötigt das Support-Team um erfolgreich Support zu geben? (FAQ #101526)
  • The special FBox library PCD7_D7 is now available for PG5 2.0. (FAQ #101356)
  • Support für Schweizer Kunden (FAQ #100142)


  • Why is there a Malware Warning for the Support Site displayed? (solved) (FAQ #101763)
  • Can I automatically be informed if the support site is updated? (FAQ #101695)
  • Why do the links from the FAQ Newsletter not work correctly? (FAQ #101594)
  • How to dump the memory of a PCD (with Saia PCD® COSinus firmware)? (FAQ #100833)
  • PCMCIA card with 2 serial COM Ports (RS-232) suitable for S-Bus (FAQ #100764)
  • New version of the lable creator (FAQ #100637)
  • Can a PCD be started at negative temperatures? (FAQ #100483)
  • Does dewing harm PCD controllers? (FAQ #100482)
  • Extended temperature range for PCD operation (FAQ #100480)
  • More information about PCD system problems/crashes (FAQ #100458)
  • Are there *.dxf files or other pre-defined CAD drawings of PCD systems available? (FAQ #100444)
  • S-Bus communication with Exor terminal doesn't work! (FAQ #100307)
  • What EPROM burner is recommended to create firmware chips for PCD's? (FAQ #100256)

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