What information is needed by the support team in order to provide efficient support?

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In some cases the support team is asking you to provide more detailed information regarding a problem you report. This FAQ contains a list of relevant points which are most likely needed in order to professionally answer your support request.


Why this list?
This list has been compiled as we have recognized that we are often asking for more information if a support case is sent to us. By doing so, the solution of the support case often is delayed. Therefore we compiled this list; if a support case is fed in to us according to this list the support case will be more efficient.
As the kind of information is depending on the problem itself, you will find a general part (which is always used) and then specific parts.
The information you send us is used only to solve your support request; we will not provide any information (or drawings, projects) to persons who are not involved in solving your support request.

General information
To the general information the following points are relevant:

  • Your contact information
  • The concerned product
  • A detailed description of the problem
  • In case the problem has already been reported, the person you had contact with 

Software or PG5 project related information
In case the problem you are faced with is related to software or is e.g. a PG5 project which can not be built, please include the following information. In many cases a screenshot is very useful.

  • Which software version you are using
    Can usually be found under the menu "Help" --> "About" 
  • Is the problem you have
    - general
    - project specific (the problem does not occur on all projects)
    - installation specific (it works on other PCs)
  • Can the problem be reproduced or is it random?
  • Since when does the problem occur?
  • In case of an error message or a uncommon behaviour of the interface:
    Please include a screenshot of the error message (please send the screenshot by mail as attachment and not embedded in the EMail, as we are working with Lotus Notes, some mails with embedded pictures from Microsoft tools are not displayed correctly).
  • In case of a PG5 project-specific support case:
    Please send us a backup of your project (in PG5: Menu "Project" --> "Backup"). Please note that one single file from a project (e.g. only a Fupla file) can not be used in many cases but a PG5 project backup often contains all information needed. 
    In case your PG5 project exceeds 20 MBytes, you could e.g. use the file exchange area:

PCD firmware related information
In case an influence of the firmware could be the reason for the support case, please provide the following information. 

  • PCD diagnostic file
    Can be made from the "PG5 Online Configurator" menu "Tools" --> "Create Diagnostic File"
    This file will contain firmware version, hardware version, indications to the last errors of the PCD together with status information of the PCD which can be valuable for our development team.
  • Can the problem be reproduced? If yes, how?
  • How many times did you face the problem?
  • What is the environment of the PCD; where is it installed and what tasks does it execute?
  • In case the error is PG5 project specific, please include a PG5 project backup. 

Communication specific problem
In case you are facing a problem related to communication with the PCD, please include the following information

  • Which communication is involved? 
  • The topology of the project (e.g. a drawing; note that even a scanned hand-drawing is far better than no drawing) 
  • Since when does the problem occur (e.g. from beginning, since a modification of the project has been made etc.)
  • How often does the error occur?
  • What is the environment of the PCD; where is it installed and what tasks does it execute?
  • PCD diagnostic file (see above)
  • If possible, please include a capture of the network traffic (if it is IP traffic, please use Wireshark, see FAQ 100569)
  • In case the communication problem concerns a connection between the SComm driver (e.g. PG5) and a PCD, please include a tracewin capture of the communication (see FAQ 100268)

Hardware related information
In case you are facing a hardware related problem, please let us know:  

  • Which hardware type is concerned
  • What is the production date (if available)
    - If there is a sticker with the product type and e.g. a 4-digit number (such as 1042),
      please include the content of this sticker;
    - If the "PO number (7-digit number on same sticker) is available, please include
      this number as well.
  • How many systems are concerned (out of how many received)?
  • In case the error is visible and a photo exists, please include this photo.



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