PCMCIA card with 2 serial COM Ports (RS-232) suitable for S-Bus

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Serial S-Bus is still very often in use for it's low costs combined with good communication performance. Unfortunately, nowadays it's quite difficult to buy a notebook PC which still has at least one serial COM port!


USB to RS-232 adapters may be a solution, but there is no guaranty that a specific adapter will work with SBC S-Bus properly.


The EXSYS PCMCIA card EX-1352 with 2 serial RS-232 ports has been sucessfully tested at our technical support department. We can recommend this card for use with SBC S-Bus and Saia PG5®. Also available from EXSYS, but not tested, are cards with 1 or 4 RS-232 ports plus a card with 2 surge protected RS-232 ports.
Detailed information about this EXSYS cards can be found at the EXSYS homepage:

EXSYS Vertriebs GmbH
Industriestrasse 8
D-61449 Steinbach/Ts.
Tel.:+49 (0)6171 975656
Fax:+49 (0)6171 975697


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