What do I have to do to be able to send E-Mails to the bluewin.ch SMTP Server ?

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If you want to use the bluewin.ch SMTP Server for relaying purposes (send an E-Mail from the PCD to the bluewin.ch SMTP Server and the SMTP Server will send the E-Mail to the destination E-Mail account) the following has to be considered

  • The use of the bluewin.ch SMTP Server is only possible if you have a bluewin.ch account (bluewin ADSL router with a bluewin.ch account)
  • The SMTP Server of bluewin.ch does need a authentification
  • In PG5 use the F-Box “AMail Init”
  •  In the F-Box “AMail Init”
    •  In the F-Box do set the SMTP Server port to 25 or 587
    •  In the text “SMTP” set the TCP/IP Address of the bluewin.ch SMTP Server to (old TCP/IP address was, the DNS-name is smtpauth.bluewin.ch)
    • In the “Name” text, write your bluewin e-mail address without "@bluewin.ch"
      (exp. my_name for the e-mail account my_name@bluewin.ch).
      The e-mail address @bluemail.ch does not work.
    • In the “Pwd” text, write the password of your e-mail account
    • In the “Sender” text to write a “correct” E-Mail address,
      “correct” means where the domain name does exist.
    • In the “To1..To5” text, write the destination E-Mail account 

Use the Send Mail F-Box to send the E-Mails.



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