Can a PCD be started at negative temperatures?

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In the manual a minimal operation temperature for PCDs of 0 degree Celsius is specified. Given the user takes into account of a lowered MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), it is also possible starting a PCD at lower temperatures.


Does a PCD work at -25°C?
Internal tests permit a practical guarantee of operation to be given. As mentioned in FAQ 100480, internal type acceptance tests in research have demonstrated perfect operation throughout the temperature range of -25..+100°C.


Why is a minimal temperature of 0°C specified?
The reason for this specification the fact that the manufacturers of the single components usually do specify this temperature for their products. The component specific time- and electrical parameters are guaranteed to be valid for the temperature range in their specification.
We have learned that these components do fulfill their function also in an extended temperature range if the electronical design concept is appropriate.
Our prototype and type acceptance tests of our systems at less than -25°C do show the correct functionality of our products. But we cannot give an definitive guarantee because the temperature range of the components is already specified by the according manufaturers.

A PCD that is continuausly started at negative temperature can have a reduced length of operation between two breakdowns.
The user must also consider that every kind of dewing or ice building on the controller must be avoided scrupulously.




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