Are there *.dxf files or other pre-defined CAD drawings of PCD systems available?

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There are only *.dxf files and EPLAN Macros available for the PCD3 products. There have been requests for such files for other PCD systems, but due to very different requests regarding information contained by these files we couldn't define a general standard for the creation of these files.


Why aren't*.dxf files for all PCDs availabe?
While trying to define a standard requirement what these files should contain, it turned out that there are very different needs. Some customers would like to have some kind of a view of the system (for placing into a drawing of the control cabinet), other customes mainly need a detailed description of the terminals present in their drawings. Again other customers need such files for placing into the machanical drawings, providing mainly dimensions.
There are also completely different target softwares around, some designed for the creation of electric diagrams, mechanical drawings, 3-d modelling or just for the creation of a veiw of the control cabinet.


Will there be *.dxf files of PCD systems?
In general we are interested to offer this service to our customers. But therefore we need more information about the requests in order to define which layout we shall use.
In case you have a specific idea how such a library should look like and for which software it should fit best, please let us know! Send us your suggestion to (Subject: DXF suggestion).




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