Extended temperature range for PCD operation

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The specified operation temperature range of Saia PCD® systems is 0..40 degree Celsius or 0..55 degree Celsius. Given the user takes account of the consequences a PCD can be used in extended temperature ranges.


Specified temperature range
The specified operation temperature range of Saia PCD® systems stated in the user manuals is 0°..40°C or 0°..55°C depending on the position in which the device is mounted.

Extended temperature range
Saia-Burgess Controls AG gives its agreement to operation across the extended range of -20°..+75°C on condition that the user takes account of the influences and responsatilities described below.
In fact, internal tests permit a practical guarantee of operation to be given:

  • During manufacture a systematic Run-In is used (with function monitoring) at 85°C for 48 hours.

  • Type acceptance tests in research on extreme termperatures have demonstrated perfect operation throughout the range -25°..100°C.

Influences and user responsabilities:

High temperatures
It is known that the failure rate for an electronic device depends on the service termperature. A rule of thumb states that a 10°C rise in the service temperature accelerates failure mechanisms by a factor of 2.
If the temperature is raised temporarily (peaks of 65°C) for a few hours, days or even weeks in summer, the influence on breakdown rate remains negligible. However, if these are permanent conditions the user must accept that more frequent failures may be possible.

It is also advisable to follow the recommendations below:

  • maintain the lowest possible ambient temperature,

  • mount the device in the best position to promote natural ventilation.

  • avoid placing it in a location where heat accumulates or exposing it to heat sources (sun) directly on the device or on the cabinet.

Low temperatures
For the negative temperature range, the case is different: the phenomena of condensation and ice formation must be scrupulously avoided. The influence on the length of service life then becomes negligible.




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