Which abonnoment is recommended for the SIM cards used for PCD applications in the GSM modem (just for Switzerland)?

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To go online over PG5, a data channel is needed. For sending SMS a usual Voice SIM card can be used as well.


The provider Swisscom offers different abonnoments. If you like to go online with PG5, you will need to choose the right abonnoment.

Probably the best solution is to use an abonnoment called: "Data Basic" this abonnoment offers a Data channel for online connections and it is possible to send SMS. Since the Voice service is never needed for PCD applications (SMS and going online), there is no need to buy another abonnoment.

If you already have a Voice abonnoment and you like to use it for test purposes in a GSM modem you can send SMS but it is not possible to go online with PG5. To use this functionality you have to add an additional Data Call number to your voice abonnoment. Please note that in this case you will have two different phone numbers on your SIM card. One for the Voice Service and another one for the Data Service.

Important: According to our tests the Prepaid Easy-Cards do not work for modem connections, going online with PG5. Since they do not support CSD (Circuit Switched Data). It is possible to send SMS with these Prepaid Easy Cards but going online with PG5 is not possible. There is one single exeption: If you have a GSM modem on both sides (PC and PCD) then it would be possible to make a Data call (going online with PG5), since they are connection with V110 protocoll. In this case there is one thing to keep in mind: You have to launch at least one call per year, otherwise the functionality will be disabled by the provider.



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