• PCD1.W5300-C15



  • E-Line analog module

E-Line input/output module for analog applications
freely programmable
Supply 24 VAC/VDC
4 analog inputs 12 bits,
 - 0...10 V, ±10 V,
 - 0(4)...20 mA, Pt/Ni 1000, NTC, KTY,
 - 0...2500 Ohm, 0...7500 Ohm, 100...100000 Ohm
4 analog outputs 12 bits, 0...10 V (4 mA max.)
3 interfaces: RS-485 (S-Bus), USB & NFC (Service)


System Catalogue : E-Line

Extract 26-215_A0160 System Catalogue : E-Line

Automation Stations - PCD1 E-Line

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System Catalogue : Room Automation

Extract 26-215_B0400 System Catalogue : Room Automation

Room automation is a crucial component for room comfort and also reduces operating costs to efficient levels. Energy efficiency therefore plays a vital role along with a comfortable interior temperature and the intuitive operation of the various room functions.

This can be achieved by room automation from SBC.

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Flyer PP31-026 E-Line-Room-Control

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PCD1.W5300-C15 E-Line analogue module

Datasheet PP31-113 PCD1.W5300-C15 E-Line analogue module

The module has a housing width of 35 mm (2 HP) that is compatible with electrical control cabinets, is controlled via RS-485 and enables the recording of analogue measurement signals and the control of actuators with analogue control variables.

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E-Line Programmable Quick Start

Presentation E-Line Programmable Quick Start

E-Line Programmable Quick Start .pdf 0.91 MB Download

Minimal Firmware configuration

The minimum Firmware for the head station is 1.24.XX



Firmware used in production

Firmware used in production PCD1.E-Line programmable modules and RIO I/O modules

Firmware Package 1.04.24/1.08.06/1.08.13 Firmware used in production PCD1.E-Line programmable modules and RIO I/O modules

This firmware is used in the PCD production and the PCD1 E-Line programmable modules and RIO I/O modules L-Series and S-Seires are shipped with this firmware.

The programmable I/O modules:

FW 1.04.24


The RIO modules L-Series:

FW 1.08.06


The RIO modules S-Series:

FW 1.08.13


1.04.24/1.08.06/1.08.13 .zip 0.57 MB Download

Good to know

The differences between firmware version 1.04.07 and 1.04.24 are listed in FAQ 101990

Good to know

PG5 2.1.410 or later is to be used for working with the PCD1 E-Line

PCD1 / E-Line

  • Why the RS-485 S-Bus communication between the PCD master and the slave does fail sometime, if FW 1.28.20…1.28.33 is used? (FAQ #102026)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.28.11 and FW 1.28.37? (FAQ #102010)
  • PG5 2.1 and 2.2 with E-Line S-Bus communication library < 1.2.110, why the S-Bus communication on the master PCD stops either after a certain time? (FAQ #102009)
  • PG5 2.1 and PG5 2.2 with S-Bus communication library 2.7.370, why the S-Bus communication on the master PCD stops either after a certain time or after the download of the program? (FAQ #102008)
  • No Refresh from State of I/O's from E-Line Rio- Moduls after Fbox Update (FAQ #102001)
  • What is the meaning of E-Line RIO – Leds & status specifications (FAQ #101998)
  • What are the differences between E-Line firmwares FW 1.04.07 and 1.08.06? (FAQ #101990)

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