What are the differences between E-Line firmwares FW 1.04.07 and 1.08.06?

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In Mai 2017 the firmware 1.08.06 was introduced into production for the systems:
PCD1 E-Line RIO's L-Series

In March 2017 the firmware 1.04.25 was introduced into production for the systems:

In October 2016 the firmware 1.04.24 was introduced into production for the systems:
PCD1.G1100-C15, PCD1.G360x-C15, PCD1.F2611-C15, PCD1.W5300-C15

Firmware 1.08.06 (Mai 2017)

Main corrections

  • For the E-Line RIO's, L-Series, support the S-Bus and Modbus communication on the RS485

Firmware 1.04.25 (March 2017)

Main corrections

  • For the PCD1.B1010-A20, correction of the randomly change of the S-Bus address used in the device due of EMV possible interferences on the digital inputs DI12 to DI23

Firmware 1.04.24 (October 2016)

Main corrections

  • A download of application programs with a program size > 60 kByte could put the pro-grammable IO-modules in a reset mode
  • Program download to the programmable IO-modules over RS485 and a gateway station was not possible
  • On the PCD1.G360x-C15 the initialisation of the triac outputs is done to late after a power on of the PCD1.


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