Is it possible to know the firmware version of the Top Print of the PCD1 E-Line RIOs?

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Yes, it is possible to read out the firmware version of the PCD1 E-Line RIO's Top Print.

The E-Line RIO's register 613 contains the firmware version number of the E-Line Top Print firmware.

The PCD E-Line RIO's of the type:

  • PCD1.Axxx-A20
  • PCD1.B1/B5xxx-A20
  • PCD1.G2xxx-A20
  • PCD1.G2100-A10
  • PCD1.G5xxx-A20
  • PCD1.W5200-A20


Are equipped with manual control buttons which allows local on-site operation.

The keys and/or rotary switches for manual operation are located on a separate print (top print) which also has its own CPU.
The CPU of the Top Print also contains a firmware.


This means that the E-Line RIO's listed above have 2 different CPU's with 2 different firmware’s; The 'E-Line' and the 'E-Line Top Print' firmware.


The firmware version of the Top Print is stored in register 613 of the E-Line RIO and can be detected by reading the register 613.

The E-Line RIO's register 613 can be read out either via the S-Bus or Modbus master or via the debugger or the watch window in PG5 by connecting the E-Line RIO directly to the PC/PG5 with the USB cable.


The version of the ‘E-Line Top Print’ firmware is supported from E-Line firmware version 1.08.16.

For E-Line firmware versions < 1.08.16, the value 0 is displayed in register 613.

The ‘E-Line Top Print’ firmware 2.01.00 is displayed in register 613 as 20100 in decimal format.


The E-Line firmware version can be read out in register 600.

The E-Line firmware 1.08.16 is displayed in register 600 as 10816 in decimal format.


Remark on firmware update.

The E-Line firmware can be updated by the user using the PG5 Firmware Downloader.

The 'E-Line Top Print' firmware can only be updated at the SBC factory, the user cannot update the E-Line Top Print firmware.

Example of the PG5 Watch Window for reading the register 600 and 613



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