Correspondence between: Modbus Saia PG5® & Modbus Engiby

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When adapting a Fupla program which has been realized with the FBoxes for Modbus from Engiby to the Modbus FBoxes from SBC, the following points could be from interest.


In the FBoxes from Engiby the 32 bit values can be configured to be transmitted with Little- or Big Endian. In the FBoxes from SBC, the same feature is called with or without "words swap". Please refer to the table below for the correspondance between these two configurations.

SBC FBoxes
Engiby FBoxes
32 bits swap words NOLITTLE Endian
32 bits swap words YESBIG Endian
Holding RegisterR
Input RegisterInR

Additionally in the "Master Link RS" FBox of the Engiby library there is on parameter more: The "Address offset".
The address offset option "1 (Modicon)" in the Engiby library corresponds to the parameter "Offset 0->1" from the SBC library (in the FBox "Def Unit Server").


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