• PCD7.F1xxS

  • Serial interface modules


System Catalogue : PCD3

Extract 26-215_A0120 System Catalogue : PCD3

Automation Stations - PCD3

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System Catalogue : PCD2

Extract 26-215_A0140 System Catalogue : PCD2

Automation Stations - PCD2

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System Catalogue : PCD1

Extract 26-215_A0150 System Catalogue : PCD1

Chapter ChA015:
Automation Stations PCD1

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System Catalogue : PCS1

Extract PP26-215_A0150 System Catalogue : PCS1

System Catalogue
Automation Stations PCS1

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PCD7.F110S - Serial Interface Module RS-422/RS-485

Datasheet 31-801 PCD7.F110S - Serial Interface Module RS-422/RS-485

The interface module PCD7.F110S supports the RS-485 and RS-422 industry standards
(Electrically connected)

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PCD7.F150S - Serial Interface Module RS-485

Datasheet 31-807 PCD7.F150S - Serial Interface Module RS-485

The interface module PCD7.F150S supports the RS-485 industry standards<br/>(with galvanic isolation)

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PCD7.F180S - Belimo MP-Bus interface module,

Datasheet PP31-810 PCD7.F180S - Belimo MP-Bus interface module,

Characteristics of the MP-Bus protocol

- No special cable or line termination resistors
- Costs saved due to reduced expenditure on cabling and easy handling
- Simple commissioning and maintenance
- Uncomplicated method for integrating and exchanging actuators
- Compatible with BELIMO® actuators using MFT/MFT2 technology

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PCD1 | PCD2 Hardware

Manual 26-737 PCD1 | PCD2 Hardware

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PCD4 Hardware

Manual 26-734 PCD4 Hardware

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PCD6 Hardware

Manual 26-735 PCD6 Hardware

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PCD7.T161 & PCD7.T162 - Terminator-Box

Datasheet PP26-538 PCD7.T161 & PCD7.T162 - Terminator-Box



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MP-Bus (PCD2.T500 for Belimo drives)(obsolete)

Technical Info PP26-342 MP-Bus (PCD2.T500 for Belimo drives)(obsolete)



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Good to know

The PCD7.F1xxS modules with hardware version A can not be used on non Saia PCD® COSinus systems (PCD1.M1xx, PCD2.M1xx, PCS1), see Opens external link in new windowFAQ 101743.

The PCD7.F1xx modules will be replaced by the fully compatible PCD7.F1xxS modules (fully compatible starting with HW version B).

End of repair service for the PCD7.F1xx (not the PCD7.F1xxS) modules is end of 2013.

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.