Which EIB Bus interfaces devices are supported by the KNX/EIB FBox library?

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Since the PCD itself does not feature an interface to the EIB (European Installation Bus), a dedicated EIB coupler is required.


Requirement of the coupler to be used
For connecting a PCD to an EIB a "BCU coupler" is required.
The connection to this coupler is to be realized using RS232 (1:1 cable) or over an Ethernet network. The coupler needs to support the S-Mode. Please refer to the list below for tested interface devices.

BCU2 (FT1.2) serial interface (RS232)

We advise to use BCU-2 protocol. The BCU-1 (older) protocol can cause telegrams to be lost

between the gateway and the controller!

EIB KNXnet/IP interface

We advise to use the following interfaces:
- The Siemens Gamma Instabus interfaces (5 WG1 148-1AB04 using FT1.2 protocol and 5 WG1 148-1AB21)
 we have advised in the past are not anymore available.



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