What are the differences between the EIB FBox library 2.5.303 and 2.5.312?

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This FAQ lists the differences between the FBox Library 2.5.303 and 2.5.312 for EIB/KNX.


The modifications are the following:

  • In binary commands unused bits could be set and cause the receiver to see the value as different to 0/1. Now the unused bits are always cleared.
  • When several "Send switch" FBoxes get a short pulse of one CPU cycle, only the first FBox is executed (sent). Now the Send Switch FBoxes store short pulse commands.
  • Multi-telegram buffer has been implemented. The new option "Rx buffer size" with value 1..10 (replaces the option "Number of telegram per cycle").
  • The own IP address is taken from SMP configuration if set to (needs an SPM which publish this value as system symbols).
  • Sending time and date was wrong on EIB-Net/IP. Fixed.
  • The actual FBox does not return the Day of Week that is sent with the time over EIB network. The actual option PCD format and EIB format have been renamed:
    - PCD, without DOW
    - EIB, without DO
    Two new options have been added:
    - PCD with DOW
    - EIB with DOW
    Note that with the format 'PCD with DOW', the value for the day of week is received with the time telegram but output with the next reception of the date telegram.


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