EIB interface devices supported for FT1.2 and for EIBnet/IP

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The new EIB FBox library 2.5.142 (distributed together with PG5 1.4.200) does support the FT1.2 interface (also known as BCU2). Further on also EIBnet/IP (also known as KNXnet/IP) is supported with this library.


Supported interfaces
The interfaces listed below are supported by the library version 2.5.142 and higher. The version 2.5.142 is distributed together with PG5 1.4.200.

Using the standard BCU1 interface, this well known driver FBox now has been extended to reinitialize the communication by triggering a re-poll all inputs and re-send all outputs using a single trigger input into the driver FBox.
In case communication problems are encountered, the EIB driver FBox can be exchanged with the EIB Extended where specific options are available to tune the interaction with the BCU.
Note: It is NOT recommended to use a BCU1 interface anymore if a higher bandwidth is expected OR if NO telegrams from EIB should get lost! Instead choose a FT1.2 (BCU2) or an KNXnet/IP (EIBnet/IP) solution (see below) for those projects!

FT1.2 (also known as BCU2)
A new driver FBOX for the SIEMENS Gamma Instabus Interface 5WG1 148-1AB04 using the FT1.2 protocol is available from the EIB library version 2.5.142 on. Since this protocol is far more performant than the one specified for the BCU1, no more telegrams are expected to be lost even if the PCD is well charged so Fupla is running below 30 cycles per second.
Note: This solution is recommended for installations without Ethernet and for those where the BCU1 solutions fails to meet the expectations.

KNXnet/IP (also known as EIBnet/IP)
As of today this driver FBox has been tested with the SIEMENS Gamma Instabus Interface 5WG1 148-1AB21. Field tests have also reported that the same FBox can be used with the SIEMENS Gamma Instabus Router 5WG1 146. No more serial cable is needed since the Ethernet port will be connected to the EIB Interface/Router.
Note: This solution is the recommended solution for all new installations with Ethernet!

Other new features of library version 2.5.142

  • All driver FBoxes now have two additional trigger inputs. With them the initial polling or sending commands at startup (to be configured in each RCV/Send FBox) can be forced anytime at running time. This is very useful if a communication problem, such as a partial power outage and power return has been detected.
  • When the communication interface is to be changed in an existing project, such as the migration from a BCU1 to a BCU2 or KNXnet/IP (EIBnet/IP) , ONLY the driver FBox needs to be replaced! All other EIB FBoxes do not need any modification!

ETS requirements
In order to have the latest components available it's recommended to use ETS3.0 Patch A. The component libraries for ETS can be found on the respective manufacturers home pages.



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