What are the differences between PCD3 firmware 1.10.51 and 1.10.61?

FAQ #101589

In March 2011 the last maintenace firmware for "older" PCD3 CPUs has been realized (version 1.10.61). This FAQ lists the main differences between this and the previous version 1.10.51.



Main corrections

  • Setting the Modbus "Idle Disconnect Time" to 0 resulted in a Bus Error
  • The SNTP change from Summer to Wintertime was not working correctly (only in some years, e.g. 2010)
  • After a file system has been filled up completely the files on this module were no longer accessible after the next reboot of the PCD, see FAQ 101559

The firmware 1.10.61 is published for updating PCD3 systems with less than 4 MB onboard flash. In case you own newer hardware (see table below), please use the last 1.14.xx (or 1.16.xx) firmware.

 PCD Type Minimal hardware version for FW 1.14.xx or newer 
 PCD3.M5xx0, PCD3.M6xx0,
 PCD3.M3230, PCD3.M3330,
 Hardware version D
 PCD3.M3020, PCD3.M3120 Hardware version E modification 4 8 (E 48)
 PCD3.M2x30 (WAC and Compact)  Hardware version A (no restriction)
 PCD2.M5xx0  Hardware version A (no restriction)

For more details please refer to FAQ 101470



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