Software S-Monitoring Application

S-Monitoring Application

S-Monitoring is a system designed to acquire, visualise, prepare and save consumption data. The special feature of S-Monitoring is the open structuring of the "management level". The transparency, consistency and simplicity of the S-Monitoring web and IT technology allow every user in the property to manage the consumption of water, electricity, gas, heat, etc. Everyone is able to see all the data relevant to them and can control it from anywhere at any time. This makes it possible to achieve substantial sustainable increases in efficiency without the need for expensive extensive investment projects. The increased level of consciousness and responsibility stops the wasteful use of energy.


S-Monitoring COSinus functions

Datasheet PP26-596 S-Monitoring COSinus functions

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Manual 27-623 S-Monitoring_Application

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Flyer PP31-013 S-Monitoring

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Update PCD with SMonitoring App

Technical Info 26-654 Update PCD with SMonitoring App

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S-Monitoring Application Navigation

Flyer PP26-582 S-Monitoring Application Navigation

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S-Monitoring Templates Overview

Flyer S-Monitoring Templates Overview

Description of the S-Monitoring Templates for Web Editor 8

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S-Monitoring tutorials

Tutorial videos around the theme of energy data acquisition with Saia PCD controllers.


6 Videos available on a Youtube Playlist Opens external link in new windowlink


- Energy data logging [1/6]
- Integration custom counter [2/6]
- S-Monitoring in HVAC application [3/6]
- Use the energy data in your program [4/6]
- Read data from other PCD in the network [5/6]
- Datastructure and access to data via FTP [6/6]

F-Box Library for PG5 2.1

S-Monitoring Application

Software S-Monitoring Application

1.0.120 New .saiazip 1.77 MB Download



Software SEnergyReport

1.0.014 .zip 0.83 MB Download

Easy Update Tool

Easy Update Tool

Software 2.3.193 Easy Update Tool

Tool for the update the PG5 or e S-Monitoring application on the PCD/MB-Panel.
(Easy Update backup and recover package) listed below.

The Tools consist of 2 applications:
The 'Easy Update Wizard' and the 'Easy Update' tool.

The 'Easy Update Wizard' allows to create a *.saiaupd file which contains:

  • PG5 device configuration settings
  • PG5 application program
  • PCD/MB firmware
  • Web-Editor Project
  • Information where the PG5 application and the Web-Editor should be stored on the PCD/MB
  • Communication settings for the connection PC - PCD/MB
  • Service key
  • Password

The 'Easy Update' tool does load the *.sbcupd or *.saiaupd file in to the PCD/MB-Panel.

The *.sbcupd does contains the PCD firmware, the PG5 application program and the Web-Project.

The tool does perform an automatic reboot of the PCD/MB-Panel after the loading of the file.

The Easy Update Tool does work only since the PCD/MB-Panel FW 1.24.05.
If the PCD/MB-Panels does contain a FW < 1.24.05 then first an update to FW >= 1.24.05 with the PG5 FW-downloader is required.

2.3.193 .zip 35.15 MB Download

PG5 Project and Firmware for S-Monitoring Application

The 'Easy Update backup/recover package" does contain a *.sbcupd file.
This file does contain the PCD firmware, the PG5 application program and the Web-project.

The 'Easy Update Tool' is required to load the *.sbcupd file in to the PCD/MB-Panel.


Difference between the Easy Update backup and recover package:

Both packages do update the PCD/MB-Panel:

- Firmware
- PG5 application program
- PG5 web-project

- The Easy Update recover package does reset the configuration settings to the factory default values.
(Like tcp/ip address, password, e-mail settings, language)

- The Easy Update backup package does not change the configuration settings (However, the IP address will be reinitialized).

  • Software PCD7.D457VT5E0

    PG5 Project 1.04.03 PCD7.D457VT5E0 New .zip 61.13 MB Download
  • Software PCD1.M0160E0

    PG5 Project 1.04.03 PCD1.M0160E0 New .zip 61.16 MB Download
  • Software S-Monitoring "Websites Only Project"

    Webpages Only 1.04.03 .zip 61.30 MB Download

System Overview

Good to know

S-Monitoring is supported on HTML5 since PG5 2.3.192 and S-Monitoring application version 1.04.03

S-Monitoring on PG5 2.3.192 requires the HD_log library 2.6.312 or newer. See FAQ 102054 


For using S-Monitoring PG5 2.2.110 or later is required.

The "S-Energy Report Tool" for easy importing of historical data into Excel from Engiby, already known via the Energy manager, has been extended. It can also be used starting from version 1.0.012 for S-Monitoring applications. Link

The differences between the S-Energy Report tool 1.0.003, 1.0.006 und 1.0.014 are listed in FAQ 101714.

The E-Controller (PCD1.M0E160E0), equipped with the S-Monitoring Application, will be delivered with the official version 1.20.39 and PG5 project version 1.01.04, starting from CW22 2013.


The actual version of the S-Monitoring application is not fully compatible with the HTML5 runtime and can't be used therefore on HTML5 browser.
The information will be updated, as soon as S-Monitoring will run on the HTML5 browser.



S-Web Technology / ADSL

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S-Web Technology / Android- and iPhone Apps

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S-Web Technology / S-Monitoring

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