Why the S-Monitoring / HD Log File 3.0 trendcurves are not updated on the Micro Browser App for Windows?

FAQ #101949

If trendcurves are displayed in a Browser (IE / Firefox / Chrome) or a MB-Panel and the Reload button on the web-page is pressed, then the trendcurves are updated with the newest values.
But if the web-applicaiton is running on a MB-App for Windows, then the trencurves are only loaded once if the web-page is displayed the first time, but they will be never updated by pressing the reload button.                 

There is a problem in the PCD-Firmware.
The PCD send the Information that the .csv file has been changed, but the MB-App does not notice it.
Therefore the MB-App never does a reload by pressing the reload button.


Use the PCD FW 1.24.30 or newer to solve the problem.


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