PG5 2.3 general program examples

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Room template for PG5 programmable room controller PCD7.LRxx-P5

The following project templates can be used with PG5 2.3 or newer
Install the template from Project-Configutator with "Restore project..."

PG5 room template

Manual PG5 room template

The room template covers recently required HVAC room automation demands, like heating, cooling, FanCoil, presence detection. Beside this, the template is designed also to emulate a L60x room controller (partly), so a replacement of a L60x room controller by a freely programmable device can be done quite easy.

The room template is dedicated to being used on PCD7.LRxx-P5 devices, but can be used on any other programmable device. In this case, some features must be removed or disabled, e.g. the SYLK Bus wall module (only available on PCD7.LRxx-P5) or the L60x emulation.

The room template has been created with PG5 2.3.

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PG5 room template, PG5 2.3 application program

Software V 20230629_0940 PG5 room template, PG5 2.3 application program

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