What is the signification of the history entry "Resisters Fail"?

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Due of a firmware error it's possible that on the history of the PCD3.M5340 there is an entry "Resistors Fail".



When trying to enable the termination resistors of port 3 of a PCD3.M5340 (produced beginning of 2012) the entry "RESISTERS FAIL" is entered in the PCD history.

If this error is shown in the PCD history, then it isn't possible to use the RS485/RS422 termination resistors for the port #3 of the PCD3.M5340 (RS485/RS422 port on the 9-pole D-Sub connector) due to a firmware restriction.

Please update the PCD firmware to version 1.16.60 or later. This firmware can e.g. be found in the lates BACnet firmware maintenance package.

The communication on the port #3 is possible without problems given the termination of the bus is realized externally.



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