Why the web project is displayed correctly on the PC browser but not on the MB panel? Error message 'start.html not found' is shown

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The MB panel can't access the web page stored on the PCD:

'start.htm not found' or similar is displayed but the browser on the PC can display the web page.

A warning message on the PC browser is displayed when the MB panel try to access the server.


Possible Error message given by the java machine:

network: Verbindung von mit Proxy=DIRECT wird hergestellt

network: Verbindung von mit Proxy=DIRECT wird hergestellt

! cgi_ command failed (

! Exception, java.io.FileNotFoundException:

WEB SERVER problem !! CGICallOrderErrorCount = 1

  cgi_call failed ! [ ] ( 1 )  CGICallOrderErrorCount =


Increase the Web Server RAM Disk Size in the PG5 Device Configurator to 64 kByte (default value) or max. 96 KByte.



This problem might happen if a project was imported from Web Editor 5 from a earlier PG5 version where the default RAM disk was smaller (48 kByte) in to PG5 2.0/2.1.
It's possible that the html page created from Web Editor 8 might be slightly bigger in size and therfore it might be necessary to increase the RAM disk size in some case.

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