What does the message "Not enough space for extended header" mean?

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It may occur that the message "Not enough space for extended header" appears while downloading the hardware settings of a PCD. In this case in the PCD history a message like "CONFIG TOO LONG" or "BAD MODEM STRING" (displayed by older FW versions) will be listed.


The messages mentioned above are provoked by the fact that there is no more space left in the header of the user memory.

Since the default setting of PG5 1.3 for downloading the hardware settings is only "S-Bus, Serial, Modem, TCP/IP, Gateway" but not the "Memory Allocation", by default the changed settings are appended to the existing header. Because there is only limited space available in the header, at one point there won't be anymore space left causing the message mentioned.

The problem is to be solved by downloading the memory allocation (this will delete the existing entries in the header). Therefore the checkbox "Memory allocation" has to be checked in the window appearing before the download of the settings.
Note that on a new memory allocation the content of the whole memory will be reset; the user program has to be downloaded again).



PG5 1.x

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