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Information about the Saia PCD Supervisor Energy Monitoring

Saia PCD Supervisor EM - the EM stands for Energy Monitoring.


Saia PCD Supervisor EM is an energy management suite for energy benchmarking and analysis in the HVAC market.

It is based on Saia PCD Supervisor using HTML5 technology and provides a large range of techniques for the management of all aspects of energy related data.


Saia PCD Supervisor EM is the ideal system to:

  • - manage energy by analyzing and optimizing the operation of facilities and
  • - measure performance across multiple levels within the building or estate

Saia PCD Supervisor EM Documents

Saia PCD® Supervisor EM

Datasheet PP34-002 Saia PCD® Supervisor EM

Complete solution for energy monitoring in the Saia PCD Supervisor.

Capture, analyse and optimise the energy consumption of your building.

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FRA03 .pdf 1.17 MB Download
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Saia PCD® Supervisor EM

Manual 27-681 Saia PCD® Supervisor EM

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Software package Saia PCD Supervisor EM

Saia PCD Supervisor EM is subject to separate licensing 

  • The CORE licensed software of EM (3.x) supports 3 free histories assignments to aggregators without any time limit. 
  • Partners can engineer their projects with this CORE license
  • It is still possible to choose the 1-hour demo runtime (Trial mode) that will create random date


To migrate from 2.4.x version to 3.x version the provided migration tool has to be used as described in manual

Software Saia PCD Supervisor EM

Software V 3.3.0 Software Saia PCD Supervisor EM

V 3.3.0 .zip 76.85 MB Download

Software Saia PCD Supervisor EM change log information

History Document V 3.3.0 Software Saia PCD Supervisor EM change log information

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The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.