Why does the BACnet "Upload/Merge" not work on very busy IP networks?

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Firmware versions before the version 1.10.51 were not supporting retries during the "Upload/Merge" process of the BACnet configurator. In case a telegram got lost during upload of the BACnet configuration (from the PCD to the PC) the transfer was been aborted.


During an Upload (for the function "Upload/Merge" of the BACnet configurator) all of the sudden the transfer of the configuration stops. This phenomenon is observed when a telegram is lost. This telegram loss is random, dependent on the network load.

Firmware versions before the version 1.10.51 were expecting a communication without telegram losses. In case a telegram was lost (due to network problems) the transfer was interrupted by the PCD firmware. Because of the interruption the BACnet firmware was not notified, but it remained in a state of waiting for the completion of the upload process.

The firmware version 1.10.51 (for the PCD3 or the PCD2.M5) together with the BACnet firmware 1.10.50 are more robust and can cope with telegram losses during the upload of the BACnet configuration. Please update the firmware of your PCD and the one on your PCD7.R56x to the mentioned (or later) firmware versions.

Please note that the firmware version of both, he PCD and the BACnet module must be updated.





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