What are the differences between BACnet firmware 1.10.24 and 1.10.62?

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In April 2011 a new firmware package for BACnet (to be loaded to the PCD3/7.R560 or PCD3/7.R561) was created (containing BACnet firmware 1.10.62). The main reasons for this new firmware are listed in this FAQ.


Changes between BACnet firmware version 1.10.50 and 1.10.62 (April 2011)

  • The polarity was not correctly initialized at startup if a PCD resource is mapped to it.
  • The PCD media was not updated when the polarity was written over BACnet.
  • Improved the speed of searching if the configuration has a dynamically configured program object or not.
  • Loop object has been enhanced so that it can be specified whether the built-in PID calculation algorithm or the DDC-Suite FBox PID calculation algorithm shall be used.
  • COVs were randomly not generated in a system with high load and many IOs changing at the same time.

Changes between BACnet firmware version 1.10.24 and 1.10.50 (May 2010)

  • Increased robustness in case of telegram losses during the "Upload/Merge" procedure.
  • The BACnet task is now restarted after the download of a new configuration.
  • In some cases the Scheduler Object did not write to the referenced objects. 

Please note that the BACnet 1.10.62 is to be used togehter with the PCD firmware 1.10.61 (or a more recent 1.10.xx firmware) in order to work correctly.



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