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Currently the latest version of PG5 2.0 is the version 2.0.220.


The main modifications, new features and corrections of the individual versions can be found in the following feature list.

Service Pack 2: PG5 2.0.2xx

  • Version 2.0.220 (PG5 2.0.220, April 12) 
    - added FBoxes for the new PCD7.L79xN
    - added FBoxes for EnOcean devices from Sensortec, see FAQ 101765
    - increased stability of Fupla, Symbol Editor and Graftec
    - improved "Upload all /download all" to support PCD1.M2
    - correction of Device Configuratior for encoder inputs of PCD3 Compact
    - the EIB/IP driver now allows modifying the IP address of the gateway in runtime
    - the stations in the TCP/IP Settings table are now enabled by default
    S-WebEditor 5.15.0221
    Together with PG5 the S-Web Editor has been updated to version 5.15.0221.
    This version includes the following updates (among others).
    - the loading messages during applet initialization can now be configured
    - under certain circumstances a Micro Browser could stop working if specific macros
      were present on the page, see FAQ 101724 
  • Version 2.0.210 (PG5 2.0.210, October 11) 
    - T665|T666 diagnostic flags are correctly mapped (‘RIO.ManagerNotPresent’), FAQ 101652
    - Correction concerning the renaming of RIO devices (symbol update)
    - Correction in Fupla concerning the importation of templates, FAQ 101647
    - Improvements and corrections concerning for the support of Cyrillic characters in Fupla
    - Several corrections in order to improve the stability of Fupla
    - Correction of the IL Editor in order to open the *.inc files
    - Support for the PCD1.M2160
    - Corrections concerning the time zone in the Device Configuration, FAQ 101685
    - Improvement of the IP settings upload in the Device Configurator
    - WAC outputs are now working properly, FAQ 101659
    - The library 'Room L79x V2.6.121' and 'EnOcean SP2.6.130' are now installed
    - Corrections have been done in the help of several FBox libraries (images were missing)
    - Better handling for the downloading of large Web Editor projects into PCD1.M2
      and PCD3.Mxx60 devices (no NAK response), FAQ 101656
    - Improvement and corrections regarding the online alarming macro of the S-Web Editor, FAQ 101654
    - the "Select" button in the "Macro Find/Replace" dialog (FAQ 101643) is now present
    - Loop object and the count of input references are now correctly handled in the BACnet Compiler
    - DDC Add-on generates error message in case of duplicated web alarming texts, FAQ 101650
    - Improvements and corrections concerning for the support of Cyrillic characters in the FBox Builder. 
  • First release of SP2 (PG5 2.0.200, July 11) 
    - Support of the Smart Ethernet RIO PCD3.T665|T666
    - Support for PCD3.Mxx60 (PCD3 Power CPU)
    - Device Configurator: New media mapping window for all I/O slots.
    - New FBox classification according functionalities in Fupla.
    - Fupla Unicode support for Russian computers
    - Web-Editor Release 5.15.02
    - Full support of 64 bit Windows.

Service Pack 1: PG5 2.0.150

  • Patch 5 for PG5 SP1 (PG5, June 11) 
    - The project import from PG5 1.4 projects modified the original project when 
      using patch 4(a), see FAQ 101628
    - In some situations the memory allocation on download of a project was incorrectly calculated 
  • Patch 4a for PG5 SP1 (PG5, June 11)
    - Patch4a displays "SP2.0.150.400" in the SPM title bar (patch 4 shows "SP2.0.150.300") 
  • Patch 4 for PG5 SP1 (PG5, June 11)
    - RAM DBs and Texts are correctly re-initialized after a program download to a PCD1.M2xx0 (FAQ 101541)
  • Patch 3 for PG5 SP1 (PG5, May 11)
    - Firmware downloader now warns if the FW update leads to program loss
    - Upload all works now correct even if no BACnet project is stored on the R56x module
    - BACnet Configurator correctly exports client objects to CSV files
    - Conversion of double values in BACnet Configurator do no longer fail on french PCs
    - Default character set in BACnet Configurator is now ANSI
    - BACnet Configurator now creates a backup when saving the configuration  
  • Patch 2 for PG5 SP1 (PG5, April 11) 
    - Correction for the usage of the PCD1.M2xx0 (FAQ 101541)
    - The result of the command "Read FBox Adjust Parameters" is now shown
    - Avoids the destruction of a project with very many symbols
    - Improved performance during build
    - The message "Program needs to be rebuilt" was displayed after opening the
       "Download Configuration" dialog box
    - The "Extension Memory Backup Size" was lost if the PCD memory is re-allocated
    - Update BACnet configurator for future BACnet firmware 1.16.xx (supporting BACnet 2008 Standard) 
    - The memory allocation was not always correctly calculated on download of the project, leading to the
      fact that a backup user program to flash failed in some cases  
  • Patch 1a for PG5 SP1 (PG5, December 10) 
    - Corrects an issue that the patch could not be installed on Windows7 systems
      Otherwise the patch is identical to the patch 1. 
  • Patch 1 for PG5 SP1 (November 10) 
    - Program download was not possible if flag > 8191 had first time initialization (FAQ 101497)
    - HMI Editor: Texts and constants could not longer be used
    - Fupla Editor: Layout problems when printing are corrected
    - BACnet configurator now supports 64 bit OS
  • Release of SP1 (July 10)
    - S-Web and FTP Server and IP Enhancements can be configured in the
      Device Configurator, see FAQ 101464.
    - Increased amount of available flags on a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5 to 14335
      (instead of 8191), see FAQ 101447.
    - Support of new hardware (PCD1.M2120, PCD3.Mxx60)
    - Support of Windows Server 2008
    - Various improvements of stability 

First release: PG5 2.0.110

  • Patch 5 (January 10)
    - TEQU statement was lost in-between $INIT and $ENDINIT statement
    - Various improvements of Fupla stability
  • Patch 4 (December 09)
    - FBox libraries were not correctly installed with patch 3 
  • Patch 3 (December 09)
    - Various improvements of stability
    - Old Adjust window can be used directly
    - Floating point values were not accepted in labels
    - FBox priority was not shown if FBox had a Name or Reference
  • Patch 2 (October 09)
    - HMI Editor did not support external symbols 
  • Patch 1 (September 09)
    - BACnet Compiler was not able to load public symbols

Where to get a detailed list of the modifications

For a complete list of the modifications, please refer to the "Help" button of the installer which displays a list of the modifications.



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