Product Index Axx: Energy meters Axx1 (1-ph. M-Bus)

Single-phase energy meters with M-Bus interface


System Catalogue : S-Monitoring (Energy Meters)

Extract 26-215_A0400 System Catalogue : S-Monitoring (Energy Meters)

Chapter: S-Monitoring
Consumption data capture

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ALD1D5FM00A3A00 - 1-ph. e-meter direct, M-Bus

Datasheet PP26-530 ALD1D5FM00A3A00 - 1-ph. e-meter direct, M-Bus

Main features
- Single-phase energy meter, 230 VAC 50 Hz
- Direct measurement up to 32 A
- Display of active power, voltage and current
- M-Bus Interface to query the data
- Reactive power available through interface
- Up to 250 meter can be connected to the M-Bus Interface
- 7-digit display
- Lead seal possible with cap as accessory
- Accuracy class B according to EN50470-3, accuracy class 1 according to IEC62053-21

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Mounting Instructions & Users Guide: Single-phase energy meter ALD1 with M-Bus

Tutorial 4 319 5112 0G Mounting Instructions & Users Guide: Single-phase energy meter ALD1 with M-Bus

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EPLAN product macros, DWG and DXF files can be found here.

FBoxes for reading the Energy meters with Fupla (MBus drivers)

FBox for PG5 1.4 can be found here

FBox for PG5 2.0 can be found here


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