The data exchange to smart RIO does not work with certain FW version!

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When the smart RIO PCD3.T665 (or T666) with FW 1.20.36 is connected to a smart RIO Manager PCD3.Mxxx with FW 1.16.69 then the data exchange doesn't work!


There is an incompatibility between the Smart RIO FW 1.20.36 and the older FW version 1.16.69
of the Smart RIO Manager PCD3.Mxxxx or PCD2.M5xx CPU.

It is necessary to update the FW of the Smart RIO Manager PCD3.Mxxx or PCD2.M5xx to the version 1.20.25 (or newer) available on our support web site.
It is also possible to downgrade the FW of the Smart RIO to version 1.16.69 but we advise to update the FW of the Smart RIO Manager instead!

If a FW for Security Upgrade is needed and PG5 is used, please update the Smart RIO Manager with the FW 1.22.17 in attachment or a newer version if available (due to some Device Configuration download problem in PG5 2.0.220).
Using PG5 2.1.210 the FW >=1.22.10 for Security Upgrade can be also used!



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