Why the exchange of ‘data transfer array’ between the PCD3.T66x smart RIO’s and the smart automation manager does no more work after installing the patch 1 of PG5 2.0.220?

FAQ #101785

On the patch 1 of the PG5 2.0.220 there is a error which does lead to the situation, that data’s which are defined by the user as ‘data transfer array’ where no more exchanged between the PCD3.T66x and the smart automation manager. This error occures during compilation of the project, but doesn't corrupt the original project.

The configured I/O’s of the PCD3.T66x are exchanged without problems between the devices.


The patch 2 for PG5 2.0.220 will fix this error and will be available soon.





PG5 2.0

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