Why does the data exchange to the RIO not work after the program has been restored?

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In case the Smart Ethernet RIO manager is a PCD2.M5 or a PCD3 (with firmware 1.16.42) the data exchange between the RIO station and the manager is not running after a program restore has been executed on the manager.


The data exchange between the Smart Ethernet RIO (PCD3.T665 or PCD3.T666) does no longer work after the user program from the manager station has been restored (e.g. due to a missing or empty battery).
Only PCD2.M5540 or PCD3.Mxxx0 with firmware 1.16.42 are concerned by this phenomenon.

The reason for this situation is an error in the firmware 1.16.42 for the PCD2.M5 and the PCD3.Mxxx0.

Please use firmware 1.16.45 or later on the Smart Ethernet RIO manager (if it is a PCD2.M5 or a PCD3; for a PCD1.M2 the firmware 1.16.42 can be used).


  • PG5 2.0 SP2 (PG5 2.0.200) is shipped together with firmware 1.16.42; please do not use this version on an Ethernet RIO manager (when using Ethernet RIOs)
  • For the RIO the 1.16.42 can be used; they are not concerned by this problem
  • The firmware which corrects this problem (1.16.45 or later) can be downloaded from the support site.


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