Link to Engiby FBox libraries "Modbus 2" and "M-Bus" version

FAQ #101480

As described in FAQ 101479 the version of the Engiby libraries is required for PG5 2.0.150 (PG5 2.0 SP1). This FAQ contains the link to download the libraries (in order to have a fast solution for concerned customer SBC exceptionally does have the possibility to provide these libraries).



  • Please note that the M-Bus library 2.6.014 available from this FAQ is not the latest version.
    In order to obtain the last version 2.6.1xx please contact Engiby directly (SBC is not allowed to distribute the last version which contains new features for free).
  • Please do install the "M-Bus SBC version" OR the "M-Bus Engiby version" but not both in parallel; this could lead to inconsistent file combinations.


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PG5 2.0 / FBox Libraries

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