Compatibility of FBox libraries from Engiby with PG5 2.0 SP1

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The FBox libraries from Engiby for PG5 2.0.110 can not be used in PG5 2.0.150 because of internal changes of PG5 2.0.150 which lead to the fact that the library installer is not able to register the FBox libraries.


The FBox libraries from Engiby (e.g. the "Modbus 2" or "M-Bus" drivers) as well as the Add-on tools provided from Engiby for PG5 2.0.110 can not be installed on PG5 2.0.150.

Due to modifications between PG5 2.0.110 and PG5 2.0.150 the installer for the FBox libraries from Engiby (and probably also other third-party FBoxes) is no longer able to register the license properly.


  • FBox libraries from Engiby
    The concerned libraries and Add-on tools are being updated in order to be compatible with PG5 2.0.150. FBox libraries from Engiby which are compatible with PG5 2.0.150 do have version 2.6.000 or later.
    For version 2.6.000 of the Modbus2 or the M-Bus library please contact Engiby or your local sales office. For other libraries or Add-on tools please contact Engiby for the latest FBox library version which is compatible with PG5 2.0.
  • Add-on tools from Engiby
    Add-On tool that are not yet adapted to PG5 SP 2.0.150 will install a 5at file in a wrong folder. By moving the file manually you can solve the problem.
    The old folder used by PG5 2.0.110:  "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Saia Burgess\"
    The new folder used by PG5 2.0.150 and later is "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Saia Burgess\LocalDir"
    Folder names can varry depending on Windows version and language. Folders may also be invisible or need administrator right.
    Procedure for installation of Add-on tools for PG5 2.0.110 in PG5 2.0.150:
    - Install the new PG5 SP2.0.150 according to the SBC's instructions
    - Installed the Add-On tool with the delivered Setup.
    - Find the *.5at file in the old folder
    - Move the file manually in the new folder
    - Restart PG5 SP 2.0.150
    The Add-On Tool should now be added in PG5.


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