What is new in the SBC M-Bus library 2.7.006?

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In the M-Bus library for the SBC Energy Meters (which can be installed for PG5 1.4, PG5 2.0 and PG5 2.1) the following modifications have been applied.


Modification in the SBC MBus library 2.7.006 (March 2013)

  • Added support for PG5 2.1
  • Removed the option "BACnet"

Modification in the SBC MBus library 2.6.113 (December 2011)

  • Added outputs of the FBox: total active power and total reactive power is now provided

Modification in the SBC MBus library 2.6.104 (July 2011)

  • A negative reactive power measured by SBC M-Bus Energy Meters was displayed incorrectly
  • Support of the new modules PCD2/3.F271(0), F272(0) and F273(0)
    If you use such a module, please configure the "Serial line" in the driver FBox to "M-Bus/F27xx" and ensure you have the firmware 1.16.52 or later on the PCD.
    With older library version, you don’t have this option and you can only use the modules PCD2/3.F270(0) with the mode "RS485/F270".

Corrections in the SBC MBus library 2.6.014
(April 2011)

  • With the M-Bus library 2.6.013 the driver sent M-Bus resets repetitively
  • With older versions than 2.6.014 the SBC M-Bus Energy Meters were not always correctly connected.


  • There exist two libraries for M-Bus:
    - The "full version" from Engiby
      which supports all the M-Bus Energy meters from SBC, but also from other manufacturers
    - the "SBC version"
      which supports only the M-Bus Energy meters from SBC.
  • The "SBC version" is available from the support site;
    for the "Engiby version" please contact Engiby in order to obtain the last version. www.engiby.ch 
  • Please do install the "SBC version" or the "Engiby version" but not both in parallel; this could lead to inconsistent file combinations.


PCD2 / Fxxx

PCD3 / Fxxx

PG5 2.0 / M-Bus

CC Control Components / AAE3 / ALE3 / AWD3

CC Control Components / AAD1 / AAE1 / ALD1

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