Possible reasons for not working PCD3.F1xx

FAQ #100649

In case a PCD3.F1xx module doesn't work several reasons are possible. This FAQ supplies a summary of these possible reasons.


The communication on port 1 of the PCD3 does not work. In case the port is configured as PGU port (e.g as modem port or as serial PGU port) the PCD does not even go in run and shows a history entry ("Modem Port init fail" or "PGU port init fail").
If the port is not used as PGU port, the error led will be lit during startup of the PCD3.

Possible reasons

  • The PCD3.F121 is defective or incorrecty wired.
  • The port has been assigned with a "Sasi Slave" FBox and the interface has been spedified as RS232
    Refer to FAQ 100420 for further information.
  • On the same PCD3 another intelligent module (e.g. a PCD3.Rxxx) is mounted.
    Refer to FAQ 100636 for further information.
  • The hardware version of the PCD3 is <D and more than two PCD3.Cxxx are connected to the PCD.
    Refer to FAQ 100549 for further information.
  • The module is a "pilot module" (delivered during the pilot phase of the PCD3.F1xx modules) and is not correcty programmed. In this case the module identification is missing and the module needs to be replaced.
  • A PCD7.F120 is mounted on the PCD3.F121
    Refer to FAQ 100646 for further information.


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