Conflict between communication module (PCD3.F1xx) and memory module (PCD3.Rxxx)

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There is a problem when placing a communication module PCD3.F1xx and a memory module (PC3.Rxxx) on the same PCD3.


If a communication module is per example on slot 0 of the PCD3 and a memory module is per example on slot 1, it is possible that one of them will not work. If one of the modules is removed, the remaining one will work correctly.


There is a problem in the firmware. As soon as more than one intelligent module (e.g. PCD3.F1xx, PCD3.F2xx, PCD3.R5xx or PCD3.R6xx) are plugged on the PCD3.Mxxxx the detection of the module can fail.
This problem will be corrected in firmware version 031 (but is is existent also in version 030 / $31).

As long as firmware 031 is not released the two modules will not work properly together. A workaround could be to put the memory module PCD7.R550M04 directly on the communication module. Open the memory module PCD3.R550 and remove the card PCD7.R550. Open the communication module PCD3.F1xx and plug the card on this module.




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