What is the difference between PCD7.F120 and PCD7.F121?

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The PCD7.F121 is the successor of the PCD7.F120. The main difference are higher baud rates supported by the PCD7.F121 (up to 115 kBit/s).


Why was the PCD7.F120 replaced?
When introducing the systems PCD2.M480 and the PCD3 systems also support for higher baud rates has been introduced. Unfortunately the PCD7.F120 couldn't handle the maximal baudrate supported by the new systems.
In order to take advatage of the higher baud rates also a new module for the RS232 interface had to be introduced. This new module is the PCD7.F121.


Is the baud rate limitation the only difference?
No, there is another difference between the modules. The PCD7.F120 requires a special 9V power supply from the device on which it is mounted. The PCD7.F121 doesn't require this additional power supply any more.



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