Why is "No Message" displayed instead of the PCD media value?

FAQ #100292

On web pages generated by the Web Editor containing many PPOs it may occur that the PPO values aren't shown but "No Message: ge" (instead of "ge" the unit unit of the PPO may be shown as well) is displayed. Read this FAQ to learn more about the reasons for this behaviour.


This problem is caused by the fact that the Web Server of the PCD/PCS doesn't respond to the request sent by the Web Editor applet (within the defined time). One or both of the reasons listed below may cause this problem:


  • The RAM Disk size of the PCD Web Server is too small
  • The read period of the applet is too short

To resolve the problem it is recommended to try the following steps:

  • Make sure the length of the web-project name (including the point and extention) does not exceed 24 characters.
    Example: The name "Thisismyprojectname12.prj" is too long.
  • Increase the RAM Disk size (FAQ 100299).
  • If possible, use the option "Order per view" (FAQ 100300).
  • Set a higher priority for the Web Server of the PCD (100301).
  • Uncheck the "Order per view" but leave the higher priority for the Web Server.
  • If none of those changes resolve the problem, contact your local SBC representative.
    In order to find the communication problems, the support team will need a Tracewin record that contains the telegrams sent/received by the WebConnect. Please record such a file (FAQ 100268 contains further information) before you contact the support.

The single steps are described in the related FAQs (please refer to the links at the end of this FAQ).

Please note that in any way it is strongly recommended to use the latest firmware (FW) for your PCD/PCS. Please refer to the table in FAQ 100299 for the minimal and the optimized FW version for your PCD/PCS system.



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