How to use the "Order per view" checkbox of the Web Editor?

FAQ #100300

In the "applet params" in the Window "Project Settings..." of a Web Editor project a checkbox named "Order per view" is placed. This FAQ describes the reason for this option and how it can be used.


The option "Order per view"
The option "Order per view" will cause the Web Editor to allocate the requested PPOs sorted by teq-file. The result will be that only the PPOs used for the actually shown page on the web browser will be requested from the Web Server of the PCD. This reduces the amount of exchanged data (by default all PPOs of the whole Web Editor project are requested as soon any page (*.teq) is requested). As result, timing problems may be solved this way (because less transfer allows a shorter timing).

The influences on the memory needed on the PCD
The allocation of the PPOs per page (teq-view) will increase the memory amount needed on the RAM Disk of the Web server (also see FAQ 100299). The size of the additionally needed memory is depending on the number and type of the PPOs located in the teq-views. There is no easy calculation for this space required. Therefore it is recommended testing this option and this way figuring out whether the option "order per view" is suitable for resolving the problem with the message "No Message:".

Maximal count of teq-views
Further on, there is a restriction of the maximal amount of page-specific PPO ranges on the RAM Disk. Also this maximal amount is depending on the space available on the RAM Disc.


  • For a PCD2.M170, a PCD2.M480 or a PCD3.Mxxxx the maximal count of teq-views is 12

  • For a PCS1 this option may not be used (becuase of too little memory available)

If more teq-views than listed above are present in your Web Editor project, the option "order per view" must not be used!
In case you are concerned by the problem of the "No Message" shown instead of the value of the PPOs in your web browser, try to increase the RAM Disk size (see FAQ 100299) and, if this doesn't help, increase the applet refresh period  (see FAQ 100300).

Minimal firmware versions
Note that not all FW do support this feature. Please refer to FAQ 100299 that contains a list of the minimal FW version required for this option. The use of the "order per view" functionality on a FW that doesn't support this fuction may crash the PCD!

Important Note:
If any of the "Project Settings" parameters (the "Order per view" is one of them) was modified, the "generate htlm" function must be called afterwards!


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