Reading the FW version of a PCD7.F65x

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How to figure out which firmware version a PCD7.F65x does have?


The FW version can be read out using the Online Debugger of Saia PG5® Controls Suite.


Depending on the CPU type on which the PCD7.F65x is mounted the memory range where the FW version is written in changes. To read out the corresponding memory range type:

Display Byte [ADDRESS] [ENTER]
As result you'll see something like:
00940010  50 43 44 37 46 36 35 30-00 32 05 24 20 48 FF 00   PCD7F650..2.$0Hy.
where the above yellow marked part is the FW version of the PCD7.F650.


Find below the address ranges of the IP module FW signature according to the different CPU's:

PCD type Address of PCD7.F650 signature
PCD1.M130 F00010
PCD2.M150 940010
PCD2.M170 (slot B2) D00010
PCD2.M480 type Display cpu Status (DS)*
PCD4.M170 (slot B2) D00010
PCD6.M300 E00010

*) On a PCD2.M480 the FW of the PCD7.F650 is listed in the "CPU Status". Note that this only works with FW versions of the PCD2.M480 newer than V010 and only with PG5 1.3.



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