PG5 2.3 licensing

PG5 2.3, use the same licensing mode as on PG5 2.1 and PG5 2.2

There is a PG5 2.3 license file ‘USER.KEY' and
there is a PG5 User Registration, file 'REGISTRATION.KEY'.
PG5 2.3 needs a new ‘USER.KEY'.
The ‘USER.KEY' file from PG5 2.2, PG5 2.1, PG5 2.0 or PG5 1.4 does not work on PG5 2.3.

The same 'REGISTRATION.KEY' which was used in PG5 2.1 and PG5 2.2 can be used also in PG5 2.3.
To use PG5 2.3 with a PG5 demo license, PG5 must contain a PG5 User Registration.

If PG5 2.3 is used with a PG5 demo license and PG5 does not have a PG5 User Registration, then on first start of PG5 2.3 the following window will appear.

The PG5 2.3 users must register himself on our partner portal website.

After this it's possible to load the 'REGISTRATION.KEY file from the partner portal.
Copy this file to your PC and browse in the dialog box to that file to register as PG5 2.3 user.

Do not browse in this window the PG5 2.3 License File 'USER.KEY'.

If you press the "Not Now" button, then the following message will appear

This window can be open also under the menu Help => PG5 User Registration

PG5 2.3 Licensing with file user.key

The licensing of PG5 2.3 has to be done on the dialogfiled 'Product Licensing'

Do copy the file USER.KEY to your PC and do browse from the dialog filed to this file to license PG5 2.3

This window can be open from the menu ,Help -> Product Licensing’

What is an S-Engineer

We want you to be successful with our products and services. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service, targeted and tailored to your individual needs. So it's important for us to get to know them better. We've therefore created the S-Engineer program for everyone who works with SBC products, and in particular Saia PG5® software. Simply by installing Saia® PG5 you already qualify as an S Engineer - so why not register today.

After successful registration you will receive an S-Engineer ID by email. This identifies you as an S-Engineer and you should always quote it when you contact us.


As a registered S-Engineer you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • You will be given priority for support requests, i.e. if our support organization is faced with a high volume of inquiries, your case will be handled with priority. Your request will be assigned to a support worker, who will meet your needs and solve your problem as quickly as possible. Please always quote your S-Engineer ID when you request support. For email inquiries, this should preferably be at the beginning of the subject line.
  • We will immediately advise you of critical product updates to Saia PG5® software. Critical means the potential to severely impair work with a Saia PG5® version or the risk that data may even be lost. This does not include information about minor bug-fixes or new product features.
  • When the Saia PG5® program starts up, you will no longer be requested to register and can start work immediately.

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.