Lonip / Bacnet don't work on PCD3.M6860 FW 1.26.xx

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Download of Bacnet project or Lonip projects fails


With a PCD3.M6860 even if you have used the correct Bacnet Flash (e.g. PCD7.R561 or PCD7.R562) and you have loaded the correct firmware from a LonIp / Bacnet package.

After downloading a project with a bacnet bnt-File, the CPU goes to halt with the message:

4000 BNt FAIL ##00000 in the history

Even if you have the correct LonIP Flash (e.g. PCD7.R581 or PCD7.R582) and you have loaded the correct firmware from a LonIP / Bacnet package.

If you try to download a Lonip – File it fails, with the message:

At the end of the download of the Lon programm part there is a NAK response.
Failed to write downloadbale file ....LonIP.5lp



With the FW 1.26.xx there is a problem with the access to the filesystem of the Flashcards in M1 / M2



The correction is done with >= 1.26.22. The firmware of the PCD and the Bacnet and / or the LonIP FW have to be updated. The extension has also to be updated! Keep attention of the update order. (First Extension, then normal CPU FW)


Only the FW >= 1.26.00 are concerned. (e.g. 1.24.xx is not concerned of this problem)

Projects without LonIP but with LON FTT10 (PCD3.F240 / PCD2.F2400) are not concerned.

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