Is it possible to send an email with the name of the SMTP server and not with the IP-Address of the SMTP server?

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The FBox WebCMail needs the IP-Address of the SMTP Server. With the DNS Client feature that's supported in the Fimware it's possible to resolve the name. The FBox Query IP Name returns the IP-Address of the server name.

In the following project example you can see how you can use the same FBox but instead to use the IP-Address of the SMTP Server you could use the name of the SMTP server like “”.                  

Every time when you send an email you make a query to get the IP-Address with the FBox Querry IP Name.
After that the received IP-Address is written in to the WebCMail FBox.
This workaround inhibit that the emails are transmitted also when the SMTP Server change the IP-Address.
Project example is in the attachment the following Image shows a PrintScreen of the Fupla. (PG5 2.1.200)

The following example shows the updated program made with version PG5 2.1.311 --> New FBOX "IP address to text" has been used. 


PG5 2.0 / E-Mail library

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