With PG5 2.1.100 and Media Mapping of analogue input modules with NI 1000 L&G, no negative values are possible

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In the Device Configurator of PG5 V2.1.110, if FW >= 1.20.00 is selected, there is a new option for the Media Mapping configuration of analogue input modules. For modules that have an option to measure NI1000 sensors (W220, W340, W525), it’s now also possible to choose additionally the sensor type NI1000 L&S (-60°C - +240°C).

For this sensor type the temperature values < 0° (Resistance < 1000 Ω) aren’t measured correctly. Instead of values 0°C or lower, the temperature measured is around 150°C.

Not concerned of this problem is the onboard analog input configuration of PCD1.M0/M2, PCD3.M2x30A4Tx and PCD3.M2x30V6.


Update the PCD to the latest firmware >= 1.20.30. A workaround is to use the setting for NI1000 and use a conversion FBox as described in FAQ #101330



PG5 2.0 / Device Configurator

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