What the messge "Error -6: cgi-bin/alarm2.exe?open ListeAlarmeGénéral failed !" means?

FAQ #101772

On the MB Panel (PCD7.D4xx ), there is no entry on the alarm list and the message above is displayed.

If the web project is displayed on the Internet Explorer then the alarms are shown correctly on the alarm list and there is no error message!



The special characters like "é,é,ö,à, etc.." aren't supported as reference for the alarm macro on the MB panel (PCD7.D4xx).
But it's possible to use special characters for the alarm messages.
Please refer to the FAQ #101427 about this.

Modify the name in the Alarm FBox (Alarm SWeb) in that way, that no special characters are used.
Also on the csv file which does contains the alarm messages do not use special characters on the left side of the semicolon sign!
For DDC-Suite applications: Do re-generate the DDC_Alarming.csv file with the help of the ddc Add-on tool after changing the name of the FBox which does contains alarms.



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PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

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