How to use "special" (country-specific) fonts for the alarm texts of a VGA MB panel?

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In case special characters are used in an S-Web project to be displayed on an MB Panel (e.g. in the alarm list) a corresponding font files which allows to displayed the specific characters is to be loaded.



In the application where the alarming functionality is used there are 2 ways to defined the texts of the alarm (here below):

  1. In the *.csv file which is edited with the S-WebEditor and to use with Alarm SWeb Init Fbox or Alarm PCD Init FBox
    --> Here you can write in the CSV file special chars as cyrillic, japanese and other ... (contact your local SAIA Burgess sales office for specific font files)
  2. Or in the PCD directly (through the Symbol Editors or a *.src file) to use only with the Alarm PCD Init FBox
    --> In this way only ASCII characters are supported


Web Editor5

PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

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