What are the differences between PCD2.M487 firmware 1.315 and 1.10.53?

FAQ #101601

In April 2011 a new firmware for the PCD2.M487 has been introduced into production. This FAQ lists the main differences of this firmware compared to the previous firmware used in production (1.315)


New features

  • Support of PCD7.R400 produced after April 2010
    (with older firmware it is only possible to read but not to written the R400 produced after April 2010, see FAQ 101391)
  • Support of PCD2.W525 analogue input/output module

Main corrections

  • In some cases inter-character delays on port 6 have been observed
  • MPI OPRead telegrams were sometimes not correctly answered during power-up of the PCD
  • PCD2.W610 output was not correctly calculated in case SIMATC Format has been configured
  • On a PCD2.W745 only the first channel was read correctly
  • Fetch/Write over ISO on TCP closed the connection after 10s



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